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This site is an open window on the M’goun massif in the central High Atlas in Morocco, on all its high altitude valleys in general and the valley of Ait Bouguemez in particular ..
This first site was put online in order to raise awareness of the Happy Valley and try to give visitors a maximum of information sought.
This site for the valley of Aït Bouguemez is also a platform of exchanges available to all lovers of this valley, inhabitants and visitors and we invite you all to discover it with us and help us to discover it.
We will appreciate any contribution to the enrichment of its content.
Feel free to send us your suggestions, information, articles, photos ….

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The Name: Aït Bouguemez

Aït Bouguemez, Aït Bougmmez or Aït Bouguammaz is the name of the valley and its inhabitants which is derived from the name Aït Bouammass which means in Amzigh (Berber) local language « those in the middle » or « the people of the environment » for the fact that The valley is located in the heart of the Central High Atlas Mountains. It is also known as the « happy valley » or the « valley of happy people ». This name has been attributed by foreign visitors to the valley impressed by the hospitality of its inhabitants and their joy especially during their abundant festivities during the summer and autumn to celebrate weddings, religious festivals and harvests.

Location of the valley of Aït Bouguemez

Ait Bouguemez is located at the eastern limit of the province of Azilal and west of that of Ouarzazateune at an altitude between 1800 and 2300 m in the central High Atlas dominated by the M’goun Massif culminating at 4068 m. The valley is dominated on all sides by several peaks over 3000 m high. On its east side by Wawgoulzat (3763 m) and Igoudamen (3500m) and west by Azourki (3677 m) and Tizal (3100 m).
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The valley stretches its greenery over some thirty kilometers, which makes it the longest and widest valley of altitude of the High Atlas and Morocco. It has 27 villages with ancestral architecture using natural building materials such as clay, stone, wood, plaster … And has a population of about 14,000 inhabitants.


More than a million years ago, a collapse barred the valley and a lake of about twenty kilometers formed upstream and alluvium accumulated there. After the dam broke, flat lands emerged and gave rise to a valley of great fertility and exceptional width in the mountains.
Traces of dinosaurs

Being still a lake more than a million years ago (Lower Jurassic), the valley of Aït Bouguemez was populated by impressive dinosaurs which left us their huge footprints up to 60 cm in diameter. these traces are to be admired throughout the valley on limestone slabs and are generally very easy to access.

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